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Contractual Manpower

Contractual Manpower refers to the technique in which businesses entrust the processes of their company functions to external vendors’. Every company process that can be performed from an off-the-shore location can be outsourced. This includes functions such as payroll, transaction processing, transcription services, call center services, image manipulation services, order and inventory management, just to name a few. One of the leading misconceptions when it comes to working with virtual staff is assuming that a single employee can handle every single thing for you. This is nothing but a “super VA myth,” and you ought to know that it is not possible (not in the virtual world, and not even in the real world). So as to efficiently utilize virtual assistants as you grow your firm, you are required to hire people for the roles, and not the tasks. This implies that you need to build up a team. This team will work collectively to achieve everything you are aiming for as an entrepreneur or business director. It’s with this concept in mind that I decided to compile this list of tasks you could outsource to virtual staff and grow your business more efficiently.

Contract Staffing

We bring you the innovative staffing solutions which are agile enough to meet the rapidly changing talent needs of today’s world of work. No matter what form these solutions take – short-term assignments, seasonal placement or workforce management programs – we provide rapid access to highly qualified talent and a better approach to matching the right associate with the right position resulting in better business results. Our contingent workforce solutions give you the increased flexibility to whether seasonal highs and lows or deliver on a critical opportunistic initiative.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Is your contingent workforce program doing what it should? Our Managed Service Program works to ensure you achieve the efficiencies and cost savings your organization requires

Talent Based Outsourcing (TBO)

We provide talent-driven outsourcing of operations, functions and services to drive the productivity you need to succeed in a more demanding world. Our capabilities range from contact centers to manufacturing functions to IT help desks and any place in between. We provide outcome-based, talent-driven outsourcing of operations, functions and services to enhance flexibility and drive productivity. We deliver and manage flexible, competitively-priced teams of talent to deliver a discrete task, function or service.


We provide recruitment & contract staffing for leading companies in the various Sector - Energy, Oil & Gas, Power, Drilling, Renewables, Nuclear, Rail, Auto, Mining, Manufacturing, Auto & Auto components Sectors worldwide. We help you find Design Engineers, Engineers across streams (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Instrumentation etc.), HSE, Subsea & Pipeline, Drilling Professionals, Project Engineers/Managers and other high-level professionals across the Energy space.

Information Technology

We will help you meet your need for Technical Skill areas – Vanilla & Niche. We deliver skilled IT professionals to fit your business needs, including: Application Developers, Network Engineers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, CIOs and CTOs. We are the leading provider of innovative IT solutions offering Custom Application Development, Custom & Packaged ERP, Collaborative Computing Practices, Web & Portal Development, Security & Storage Solutions for various industries, including Banking & Financial Services, Consumer & Retail, IT, Telecom, ITES, Manufacturing & Healthcare.

General Staffing

People Tree leading multi-national and Indian conglomerates of which mostly are fortune 500 companies. We service various industries like – Telecom, FMCG, FMCD, Services, Pharma, Education & Training, Healthcare, Banking, etc. We help find, deploy and manage people across roles like Finance & Admin, In-shop promoters, Sales Executives, Beauty Advisors, Merchandizers, Logistics support, Field technicians, Support Staff and all kind of front line workforce.